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Copy and Paste Quiz, Quit Smoking Edition!

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  1. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    13 Mar 2020
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    Here's a fun way to think about your own quit smoking journey and to share your experience with others. Simply copy and paste the questions below, and fill in your answers!

    My quit date was/is going to be: 

    Why I want/chose to quit:

    What I miss most about smoking:

    What I miss least about smoking:

    Brand I used to smoke:

    Method I used to quit:

    How I celebrate my quit milestones:

    My biggest trigger was:

    My best coping strategy is:

    In 1 month, I save: $

    What I spend my money on instead:

    My biggest supporter is:

    I started smoking at age:

    The trigger that usually causes my relapses is:

    Favourite snack to get through cravings:

    The hardest part about quitting for me: 

    What I look forward to most as a non-smoker:

    My quit smoking mantra is:

    When quit, I have more time for:

    My best distraction is:
1 posts, 0 answered