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cravings don't disappear but determination stays strong

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  1. weatherbabe returns
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    20 Jul 2019
    20 Jul
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    This site got me through my quit.  It sounds crazy but I can't remember how many years it has been.  4 or 5? I haven't slipped up once.  Not bragging, just proud of myself because it has been stinking hard to stay quit.   It was August so I must be coming up to an anniversary soon.  This morning I had a really strong craving.  it's important to pay attention to the trigger.  It was a hot summer morning and I was pulling into the coffee shop.  Maybe the summer heat triggered a memory of just before I quit.
    Yesterday I heard myself say out loud that I can never ever have even
    one cigarette or that will wake the dragon in my brain and I will start
    smoking again.  I know in my heart that I won't smoke any more but I do miss it.  I miss it like an abusive friend.  It had me hooked and was slowly killing me.
    Now I feel healthier.  I have cash in my wallet.  I don't cough or stink.  I feel more in control of my own actions.
    Thank you everyone for all the support.  For new people reading this, keep up the quit.  If you slip up, just try again until you get past it. 
  2. renee, quitcoach
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    16 Jul 2018
    20 Jul in reply to weatherbabe returns
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    Dear Weatherbabe,

    Huge congratulations on your quit! You should feel very proud of yourself. It is a big accomplishment.

    It is very normal to miss smoking and that's OK:) Just because you miss it or think about it, doesn't mean you have to smoke. I like to think of cravings like a knock on the door. You can recognize and acknowledge that someone is knocking, but you don't have to answer the door. And if you do nothing, soon the knocking will stop.

    Stay strong and treat yourself for remaining smokefree!

  3. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    20 Jul
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    Hi weatherbabe,

    I like your analogy, "I miss it like an abusive friend".  That is so right on. 

    I think we will always be tempted from time to time.  That is the nature of this addiction.  It stubbornly refuses to let go completely.  We have to be prepared to remind ourselves of N.O.P.E., Not One Puff Ever, whenever that happens.  We worked really hard to quit, and we have to fight hard to stay quit.  But like you said, it is all worth it in the end.  Beyond all the health benefits and smelling so much better, we now have the freedom to do what we want, when we want, without letting cigarettes dictate our every move.  I truly love that kind of freedom, which I missed out on for most of my life.

    Like you, I found this site very helpful in my quit.  That's why I mention it to others if I know they are interested in quitting.  The more support someone has, the easier it is for them to quit.

    Congrats on staying quit for who knows how long, and to a lifetime of years to come!
  4. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    22 Jul in reply to weatherbabe returns
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    The one thing that stood out to me was " I know in my heart that I won't smoke any more but I do miss it.  I miss it like an abusive friend." So true, there are days where I miss smoking, the habit part I guess - just sitting back and having a smoke. Can't even call them cravings, more nostalgia maybe. But the truth is I feel so much better not smoking, everything is better, and I don't regret quitting one bit. 

    The thing for me is that I came to understand that I am an addict. One smoke and I likely will be back to pack a day within short order. It does take some vigilance and commitment to keep our quit. 

    Congrats to you on your non-smoking journey so far......

4 posts, 4 answered