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May 13th is my Birthday

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  1. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    13 May 2018
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    Hi Everyone,

    Today is my birthday, so I thought I would share my stats with you.

    Days Quit:                                                     1 year, 4 months, 14 days
    Cigarettes not smoked:                                 12,507
    Days of Life Regained                                   125
    Hours not spent smoking                               1,042

    I had lunch with someone last week, and she was astonished that I have kept my quit.  It made me feel so proud.  Quitting smoking wasn't easy, but it was worth it.  My chest feels lighter.  I am breathing easier.  My voice is stronger, because I am no longer struggling to get a breath.  I smell better.  I can speak to people without worrying about my smoke breath.  I have a lot more spare time that I used to waste on smoking.  And I no longer fixate on when and how I can get my next smoke.  I am free.

    I want to thank all of my friends here who have helped me in my journey to quit smoking.  A special thank you to my personal quit buddy, wimporswim, who helped me get through the really tough times, and who is sharing the joys of being a non-smoker.

    Now that I am a non-smoker, I can look forward to many more birthdays to come!  Keep the quit!

  2. marianne, quit coach
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    30 Nov 2017
    13 May 2018
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    Hello Treepeo,

    A very "Happy Birthday to You" Today!!!  

    Wonderful stats, thank you for sharing your success with us and your many benefits.  

    Have a wonderful day celebrating you and enjoying life!  


  3. turningpoint
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    30 Nov 2017
    13 May 2018
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    Happy Birthday, Treepeo!
    What a joyful celebration this must have been for you!  I'm very happy for you.  And such an inspiration to know that yes, freedom can be won.  Congratulations and thanks for all your posts.
    Turning Point
  4. aurora
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    08 Mar 2018
    21 May 2018
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    Hi treepeo,
    I haven't been on the site in awhile - happy belated birthday!  Thanks for sharing your stats and your ongoing journey.  You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure for many others. 
    It is very helpful to remind yourself and state out loud all that you have gained from quitting - breath, health, less self conscious, and freedom!  I so appreciate all those things too, and I was soooo tired of them when I was smoking. 
    I love driving my the places where I used to get my smokes and NOT stopping in to spend my money, and to think "man, I hate spending my money on this" and to have my son in the back seat of the car saying "why do you need to stop at the store?" and to know that he knows why and to feel the guilt.  Don't miss it!
    Thanks for your posts and for supporting many others on their journeys too, including mine. 
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