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Meant as a distraction

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  1. nerak47
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    23 Jan 2018
    20 May 2018
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    Happy Sunday everyone,
    It was a weird kinda day for me - in terms if cravings...I still have the old thought of having a smoke, easy come a easy go! Except for today...I had a lingering constant crave. So! to combat that craving I decided to clean my car...holy jeez! I hadn't cleaned my car since my last smoke. Ooooeee. The warm weather really brought out the old stale ciggy smoke smell, and I washed off the smoke and brought out a clean I hadn't noticed in a long long time!!! And then I can febreezed the crap outta my car lol...
    I was caught off guard ~ I was pretty sure I had cleaned out all cigarette and things related...ironically, my car is where I did most of my smoking, and yet, last place to be cleaned lol! Oh well ~ tomorrow I will get into a fresh and clean car ~ smoke free. 
    My distraction worked ~ I still haven't had a cigarette in 103 days!!! 😎 yay me....
  2. valerie, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    20 May 2018
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    Good evening Nerak,

    That's a great way to start the summer! 
    Congratulations on your 103 days smoke free.

    Enjoy the nice weather as a non smoker.

  3. eagerquit
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    07 Mar 2018
    21 May 2018
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    Good Morning Nerak,

    Congratulations on 103 days smoke free. A clean car besides being a good distraction will be a nice reward for future drives. My distraction is to clean house. I have done that so much that it is spick and span!

  4. aurora
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    08 Mar 2018
    21 May 2018
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    Hi Nerak47
    Thanks for sharing your experience and way to go on 103 days (104 since this is Monday!) 
    This is day 77 for me, and I'm going strong!
    There are days though, like you, I find it tougher than other days.
    It is great that you cleaned your car and it seems to me like that you are making an old smoking space into a new normal - the non smoker normal.  That is terrific!  way to go and such a good idea and a way to not only combat cravings on a tougher day than usual but to really affirm that you are using your time and energy for the better - fresh start, fresh car, nice weather, smoke free! 
    Awesome!  thanks for sharing - and cheers to you!
4 posts, 0 answered