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Never quit quitting !

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  1. heab
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    06 Feb 2019
    24 Feb 2019
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    At 12 days I had a slip. I was very down on myself- which I realized made everything much worse. As well as being so down on myself it only made me want to continue smoking. What I thought would be a slip for one day turned into 4 maybe 5 days. I bought the patch and gum today and tomorrow is my quit day ! What I thought I would find in that one cigarette - I never found and as each day of smoking since I relapsed I feel terrible! I was triggered by a family issue and have been able to set some boundaries and realize that quitting again is the most important thing for me to do both for my physical health and mental health. Some one once posted on this forum and said " just take the plunge and see what happens" that really seemed to help! I Tomorrow I will take the plunge again- reach out and ask for help- ONE MINUTE AT A TIME ! I have 10 years recovery for another addiction. Ten years without a single slip. When I reflect on this I remember it took me a few times to finally make the commitment and I have never looked back. In many ways smoking is exactly the same! Im nervous and anxious but keep hearing - Never quit trying to quit ! That is what I intend to do. Thanks Everyone for all your support and not judging me !!
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  2. steven, quit coach
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    12 Sep 2018
    24 Feb 2019 in reply to heab
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    Congratulations on getting back on track with your quit!

    Slips can be a part of the process to quitting (as you already wisely mentioned in your post) but it is more about the amount of times you get back up, not how many times you fall (never quit quitting as you put it!).

    You sound like a very strong and determined person with your 10 years recovered from another addiction, and as you mentioned, there are definitely parallels to quitting other substances and quitting smoking. Also, good for you to set up boundaries to help protect you and your quit, and for expressing how important it is for you to quit.

    Keep up the great work, we are here to help support you along the way, both on these forums, and with phone support through Smokers' Helpline if you need it- 1 877 513 5333.


    Steven (Quit coach)

  3. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    24 Feb 2019
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    Heab way to go on getting back to quitting. I too have struggled with my staying smoke free & had to get back to trying again. First time I quit for 9 months & relapsed. Quit again now since Dec 3/18 & still have moments/days when I struggle in wanting to light up. Staying connected with you guys helps😀
  4. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    24 Feb 2019 in reply to heab
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    Most of us have tried to quit several times. Smoking is a terrible addiction that controls us both by the physical (nicotine) and routine (we get so used to having a smoke with just about everything we do). Slips and relapses happen. No big deal. Learn from them and move on with your quit. 

    I'm almost 2 months quit and I still find myself desiring to have a smoke. The only thing keeping me from doing it is knowing that one smoke leads to a pack a day very quickly and I don't want to go through the withdrawal process again. I feel so much better since quitting.  I am back in control of my addiction.

    With each passing day my quit becomes that much more valuable to me. 

    Not one puff ever. So simple yet so hard.

    Good luck with continuing your quit journey tomorrow. Your first day as a non-smoker.
  5. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    24 Feb 2019
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    Hi heab,

    It is great that you are going to try again.  You know what they say - if at first you don't succeed, try and try again!  Use this slip as a learning experience.  There are so many situations that can trigger you.  They key is to find some way of dealing with things other than by smoking.

    The fact that you overcame a different addiction shows you have great strength of character.  I have no doubt that you will conquer this addiction as well.  Believe in yourself, heab.  You deserve to live a smoke free life.
  6. jeyan
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    28 Nov 2017
    25 Feb 2019
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    heab, you have the correct attitude for quitting!  Keep it up.  Never give up quitting!
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