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Please Help,Throat issues anyone else ?????

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  1. lisa marie 67
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    08 Mar 2020
    01 Aug 2020
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    So I was wondering if this has,.. or is happening to other people who quit.???
    Ok so I quit back in March 10th to be exact. About 3 weeks AFTER  I Quit
    I Lost My Voice and It has NOt come back to date. It is Hoarse everyday,.. all day...And yes I was able to get to my doctors who felt my throat said it was ok but sent me to a throat specialist and they did a scope down my throat  and saw nothing wrong
    My voice box is totally gone for almost  5  months,.. again the doctors did a scope down my throat and said no tumors or polyps thank god but I heard that this can occur in people when they quit.
    Has anyone else experience this after they quit ? how do I get my voice back This Is Absolutely Terrible not being able to talk I need help
  2. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    04 Aug 2020 in reply to lisa marie 67
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    Hi lisa marie 67,

    Thank you for letting us know about your problems with your voice. Voice changes don't seem to be common after quitting, but I did see a few posts on a forum for singers who noticed changes with their voices -- this makes sense as the whole body is adjusting and healing. Coughing after quitting may cause hoarseness, but it would seem odd for that to still be an issue after nearly 5 months.

    Hopefully your health team is going to keep working with you to find the cause. It might also be good to consult with your doctor or nurse about ways to rest your voice and soothe your vocal chords, and perhaps to consult with a Speech Language Pathologist.

    Hope this helps,
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