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  1. mittod
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    29 Nov 2017
    19 Sep 2019
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    I just passed my 2 year anniversary date (yayyy) and thought I would login to see how many days of life I've gained and money not spent on cigarettes - which is a real eye-opener.  However - it still says Congrats! You're 1 year smoke-free! and risk of heart attack is cut in half.  Does this part of the dashboard get updated to "2 years smoke-free! and risk of heart attack updated too? Thank you.
  2. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    20 Sep 2019
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    Hello mittod - sorry to hear about your technical issue with the dashboard - because you deserve to be celebrated for your two-year long quit! Congratulations! So exciting.
    We will forward your request to our best computer guy, Kyle, so that your info can be updated accordingly! 
    Way to go, and enjoy your smoke-free day!
  3. kyle @ smokers helpline
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    28 Nov 2017
    24 Sep 2019
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    Hey mittod,

    Again, congrats for the two year milestone. That's huge!

    This portion of the dashboard has been a point of confusion since day one and has been on my (sizeable) list of things to fix. The way the "benefits" section is coded, it updates at specific intervals where we have milestones that are fully vetted and backed by research. At launch, we had a certain number of these and I wrote the content for them in that widget. What I SHOULD have done, and will do when it reaches the top of my queue is write them so that it focuses on the BENEFIT, not the TIME you've been smoke-free. (I also want to find some additional points that are supported by evidence, but that's a taller order)

    As an aside, the number of days smoke-free should appear slightly lower down in your dashboard, so rest assured that we ARE tracking those.

    Thanks for the feedback, and I hope we are able to solve this problem sooner than later.


3 posts, 0 answered