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First Week Challenge Contest

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  1. alikison
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    06 May 2018
    12 Sep 2018
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    Thinking about trying to Quit for October 1, so I have entered the First Week Challenge Contest today Wed. Sept. 12.    Again once entered the site states "Thank you, you have been entered for this month".  So does this mean for October, because the way it's stated seems like for September.  I have made the suggestion before, for it to state the actual month entered for, would appreciate it, if possible.   Thanks
  2. kyle @ smokers helpline
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    28 Nov 2017
    13 Sep 2018 in reply to alikison
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    Hey alikison,

    Yeah, that was a tough piece to build and to write for. The challenge is that to maintain flexibility in the system if we ever want to change up the rules or add another challenge, we needed some of the messaging to be more general, and not be too dependent on the structure of the current contest. Also, there were additional cost implications for that text to be dynamic (ie. for it to change to refer to the NEXT month automatically). So I did the best I could to make it clear. 

    Without directly referring to the NAME of the next month, do you feel there is a way to write it that would be clearer? " have been entered for next month's contest" perhaps? or " month's quit week"?

2 posts, 0 answered