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  1. navn190
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    28 Aug 2018
    28 Aug 2018
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    New to the group
    Will be quiting on September 1
    Quitting cold turkey 
    Anyone know of any resources to get free patches, just in case
    I knit to keep my hands busy but it also triggers break time and smoking 😥
  2. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    28 Aug 2018 in reply to navn190
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    navn190 welcome!!!

    Congratulations on setting a quit date!

    Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-513-5333 if you would like us to look for local resources for you for nicotine replacement therapy such as the patch.

    What are some of your plans for break time instead of smoking? What are some ways to keep your hands busy instead of smoking?

    Some ideas: going for a walk, staying indoors on your break, using a fidget toy, etc.

    Can anyone else relate to these triggers and share their strategies?

    We are here for you navn190 and look forward to hearing about your success.


    Jenna Lee
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