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I tried cold turkey

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  1. swayzexo
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    03 Feb 2019
    02 Feb 2019
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    So I'm 22 years old, and I've been smoking for 6 years. I really wanted to quit cold turkey, because people told me they did and it was easy for them, so i did 7 days ago. The first couple of days i felt awesome. But then around the 3rd day i started feeling so nauseous and dizzy i almost went to the hospital because i felt like i was going to faint. I wasnt even craving a cigarette at ALL. After that i always stayed up until 4am, couldnt sleep, felt sick, brain felt like it had so much pressure, i couldn't cope with it at all and still not craving a cigaratte. So today (day 7 of not smoking), i went for a smoke because my head felt so much tension and i hated it  that i thought the nicotine from the smoke would ease it (and it did). Now im scared to smoke, but im scared to quit again because i do not like feeling like that. I don't feel like myself at all because the nicotine withdrawls i had were SO bad. My one friend said she got headaches and body aches and then depression. My other friend said she had flu type symptoms. But why did i have nausea, dizzy, confusion, slow mind, i wish it was just a headache here or there, but my anxiety went through the roof that i felt like i had a panic or anxiety attack. Id be much more of a successful quitter😭 please help me out. I really want to quit.
  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    03 Feb 2019 in reply to swayzexo
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    Congrats on deciding you want to quit smoking. Suggest you call into the helpline 1 877 513-5333 and talk with a quit coach. 

    It's the nicotine withdrawal you were going through. The nicotine leaves your system within 3 days and your body is crying out for a 'fix'. Bet you never thought you were an addict. A lot of people use nicotine replacements (nicorette gums, lozenges, patch) to help them quit. 

    I quit cold turkey too (after smoking over 30 years). First 5-7 days were hard, after that it got easier. Headaches, nausea, restless, not sleeping, cravings like crazy (that thirsty/hungry feeling constantly) were all there in my first week. Drank lots of water, ate a ton of snacks, and tried to keep myself occupied. 

    For most people quitting smoking takes a lot of preparation, effort and commitment. Read up as much as you can about quitting so you know what to expect. 

    So you slipped and smoked, no big deal. Talk to a quit coach, get a plan together and get yourself back onto your quit.
  3. renee, quitcoach
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    16 Jul 2018
    03 Feb 2019 in reply to swayzexo
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    Hello Swayzexo,

    It sounds like you are having withdrawals symptoms. This is mainly caused by the nicotine leaving your body and it may also be psychological as well as you adjust to not smoking. And yes, it can feel terrible, but it is a good sign that you are getting healthy and unaddicted to nicotine. The 2nd and 3rd day is usually the hardest and after a week or so, most of the withdrawal symptoms are gone or have decreased.

    Don't feel bad for having a slip, it is part of the quitting process. Maybe try the nicotine gum or inhaler to help with your withdrawals symptoms since they sound quite strong. Ask your pharmacist for advise on nicotine replacements and please call us at 1-877-513-5333.

    We are here for you!

3 posts, 0 answered