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Avatars, quit stats and more are LIVE!

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  1. kyle @ smokers helpline
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    28 Nov 2017
    05 Jul 2018
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    Well, we made it. The upgrade went smoothly last night, and the site appears to be stable, and actually a little quicker than usual. 

    A recap of some of what's new:

    Your profile pictures on the online community forums will no longer be shadowy figures in a little grey box, unless that’s how you want to be seen. You will be able to upload pictures in your account settings (click your name at top-right, or the three lines on mobile). Make sure to save, and if you get an error, try clearing your cache - we're seeing a few accounts with this issue.

    Days quit/Cigarettes not smoked
    You will no longer be required to count your own days smoke-free or cigarettes not smoked – we’ll do it for you in the Quit Calculator widget on the user Dashboard. 

    First Week Challenge Contest entry status indicator
    Again, we won’t make you remember whether or not you’ve registered for FWCC this month because we’re adding a green checkbox in your dashboard to let you know you’ve entered (it will reset at the beginning of the quit period so that you can register for the next month or the month after that, if you need/want to).

    Speed improvements?
    There were some code changes that we hope will have an impact on the slowdowns we had been experiencing on the site, and on the forums in particular. Please let us know if your experience has improved (or if it hasn't). We will continue to monitor and look for additional efficiencies in our systems.

    As always, thanks for bearing with us and ENJOY!

  2. jake3358
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    30 Oct 2018
    30 Oct 2018
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    Thanks for the info 
  3. shawnaes
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    31 Oct 2018
    04 Nov 2018 in reply to kyle @ smokers helpline
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    Love the new upgrades! Hope this does effect me or anyone else who registered this weeks challenge.

    Thanks Kyle 
  4. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    04 Nov 2018 in reply to shawnaes
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    Hi shawnaes! Thanks for the positive feedback! 

    Good to hear that you're participating in the First Week Challenge Contest. The only changes in regards to the Contest would be the green checkbox in your dashboard that we added a few months ago to let you know if you've already entered.
  5. devistatind
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    30 Jan 2019
    01 Feb 2019
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    Hope this update on my avatar worked
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