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Day 5 Worst day of my quit so far

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  1. gizmo2021
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    01 Nov 2022
    10 Apr 2023
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    On April 5th in the morning I got up and I went in the bathroom for a smoke and looked at them and had gotten 3 of the nic mist spray and they never tasted good when had them only would smoke half but it was becoming a chore. I filled the bag with the rest in there with water so I couldn't go and dig them out of the garbage and smoke again and haven't looked back. Really so far my quit has been good. No real crazy cravings but today is the absolute worst. I have had cravings sneak up on me and to the point my mind is already starting to think where can I get a smoke. I have always so far today when that happens turned around and gone in a different direction to do something different and when I realize it I don't want any smokes. It has been about 4 times today that it has caught me last one got a bit scary but its all good am still smoke free. I am glad near end of day I am still smoke free and never caved
  2. karen, quit coach
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    09 Nov 2022
    11 Apr 2023 in reply to gizmo2021
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    Hi gizmo2021,

    Congratulations on being able to get through your craving. Cravings can be tough. They are common and a normal part of the quit process. Even though they typically only last a couple of minutes, they can feel like they are going on forever. Some have found that having a plan in place can help with cravings. Find something to distract yourself; something to keep your hands and mind busy like playing a game on your phone, calling a friend, cleaning out a kitchen drawer or going for a walk. Deep breathing can also help; take a deep breath in and holding for a few seconds and then breathing out and repeating is a good way to lower your heart rate and help you feel less anxious during a craving. Glad you were able to get through yours. Keep up the good work! 

2 posts, 0 answered