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Harder than expected

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  1. atoosagurl
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    27 Nov 2023
    28 Nov 2023
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    I quit yesterday morning at 7am. Almost two days without a cigarette and I feel absolutely horrible. Today I have been sobbing uncontrollably off and on all day. I have too many triggers to count. I have been using NRT gum and sucking on my anxiety necklace and nothing feels like it’s helping. Please tell me I will feel better soon. At this point I’m almost ready to give in for relief for how horrible I feel. 
  2. karen, quit coach
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    09 Nov 2022
    29 Nov 2023 in reply to atoosagurl
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    Hi atoosagurl,

    Congratulations on taking the steps to make some changes with your smoking. It's a big step! Sorry to hear that you are struggling. Sounds like you are experiencing some symptoms of withdrawal. It is quite normal to feel out of sorts for the first little while as your body works hard to heal. It's good that you have nrt gum as that will help to soften the cravings and ease some symptoms of withdrawal. I know it feels difficult now, but withdrawal is a positive sign that your body is trying to heal. Remember, withdrawal is temporary. It will get easier with each passing day. 

    It is very good that you are so aware of your triggers. Now that you have identified them, you can work on creating some strategies to manage them. Don't forget the 4 D's: delay, distract, drink water and deep breathing. Try to find something that will keep your hands and mind busy. Cravings only last about 5 minutes, so find something that will distract you until the urge passes. Some people find going for a walk, meditating or doing some light stretching helpful. Hobbies or crafts can help keep your hands busy and deep breathing can help ease any feelings of anxiety. Continue to connect here for support. Lots of others have posted tips and strategies that you may also find helpful. You are doing a wonderful thing for your health!

    I hope that you start to feel better soon. You've got this! 

    Warm regards,
    Karen, Quit Coach
2 posts, 0 answered