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  1. veiledjustis
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    10 Jan 2019
    16 Jan 2019
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    Good day to all!  I joined the helpline a couple days before my quit date of Jan 12.

    I have tried multiple times before to change my habits and leave smoking behind.  

    In the past 4 days, I've slipped 3 times but my commitment remains strong and true.  

    I have been utilizing Nicorette lozenges and a vaping system.  Vaping seems to really help with the habitual hand to mouth even though I am using a 0mg nicotine fluid.  The lozenges curb cravings rather well but don't do much for the other parts of the habit.

    While I realize that vaping does not have a great amount of historical knowledge, I am simply not willing to utilize drugs that come with a two page printout of possible side effects.  

    I truly believe that once I reach the point where cigarettes don't tempt me hour to hour, vaping will be easy to leave behind as well.

    I appreciate any and all opinions and discussion on the topic as I'm sure a few have had success using vaping and I'd love to hear those experiences.
  2. marianne, quit coach
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    30 Nov 2017
    16 Jan 2019 in reply to veiledjustis
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    HI veiledjustis,

    Congratulations first off on setting a quit date. It's normal to have slips but important to not let it become a regular occurrence. I understand the hand to mouth connection can be challenging to change.  You shared that you are using the e-cigarette, however may I share with you that according to Health Canada there is no evidence of its safe use.   Perhaps along with the lozenge, the inhaler may be a good option that may help with the hand to mouth sensation. Let us know your thoughts.

    It seems you are very committed to quitting based on the quit attempts in the past, so this may help contribute to your success.

    All the best on your quit journey,

    Jenna and Marianne

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  3. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    17 Jan 2019
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    Hi veiledjustis,

    That's maybe the coolest username here!  Quit Coach is also pretty cool though!!!!

    I have never tried vaping.  And I don't know anyone who has been successful quitting smoking by vaping and then ultimately being able to give up vaping as well.  Two very good friends of mine gave up smoking cigarettes 3+ years ago and instead turned to vaping.  They now vape more than ever.  I watch them research products and get excited when something new arrives in the mail.  They never used to smoke in their homes, cars, or in front of the their children.  They now vape anytime and everywhere they please - they are not conscious of their actions.

    There may be some on here who have had success switching to vaping and then quitting that as well - I've just never read such nor do I know anyone with that story. 

    Please don't lose your commitment to quit smoking.  It is the best decision you can make.  Make sure you examine what you truly want and how the best way to get there is.  We are here to support you in whatever and however you choose.
3 posts, 0 answered