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  1. butterflyna
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    15 Feb 2018
    28 Feb 2018
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    Hi. I am weaning myself off cigarettes. Have worked my way down from 20 to 10 cpd. On meds so I can't use pills or patch. ODAAT 💜
  2. marianne, quit coach
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    30 Nov 2017
    28 Feb 2018 in reply to butterflyna
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    Hello butterflyna,

    Good plan you have set for yourself.  And working so well, great work!  How did you cut out your 10 cigarettes?  

    Looking forward to hearing of the changes you have made and are continuing to make.  

    All the best on your journey!

  3. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    01 Mar 2018
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    Hi butterflyna,

    I applaud you for cutting down so drastically.  Good for you!  Keep making the effort, it is really worth it.  And remember, you can do it!
3 posts, 1 answered