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Note to self: Never Stop Trying

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    04 Feb 2024
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    Well, I have 3 months worth of nicotine patches and gum, and I have set a quit date of February 29th. I had previously quit smoking on February 29th 16 years ago. I was successful and completely smoke-free for 12 years! And then, bam.

    I chose February 29th because I have a fondness for that date having been successful for me in 2008.  I attempted to quit  last year, with Champix, which 16 years ago worked a charm for me, but alas, not this time. So, I am trying Nicoderm this time.

    I will once again gather support from family and friends, read and reread Allan Carr’s book (highlighting truths) as I did in 2008, and keep myself distracted with projects.

    I look forward to reading posts from others going through this with me. Right now, I am just in “prep” mode.
1 posts, 0 answered