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  1. chartippybum
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    21 Mar 2018
    03 Oct 2018
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    I have quit smoking for 7 months but just picked up a vape. I have been vaping and it feels great but i also have other feeling i dont like due to the nicotine so i need  A plan to get off the vape. I am going to use step 1 patch for a while then go on the step 2 then step 1 as well as use my nrt s. I feel much better not smoking but i am worried i am addicted again. I hope i can get some support and fight this again. Id rather be healthy and breathing better than on the vape. It makes me feel weird. I am going to have to come up with activities to distract myself all over again. I thought i was in the clear. 
    I will keep you posted
  2. susanyw
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    06 Jun 2018
    03 Oct 2018 in reply to chartippybum
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    hi there,  I have been quit for 4 months and have been vaping almost since the beginning.  I guess your never really in the clear.  I love my vape but like you will give this up also.  
    I've traded one habit for another.  But it's not as horrible as smoking those stinky cigarettes and much less harmful.  Good luck
  3. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    03 Oct 2018
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    If you can quit smoking cigarettes, I am sure you will be successful with the vape too. Here at the Smokers' HelpLine, we would agree with you that inhaling anything into your lungs has risk, and so the best way to go is smoke AND vape-free.

    You have support, you have nrt patches, you have a plan for distractions- all lots of strengths!

    susanyw - agree with you too. Vapeing is safer than smoking, but not 100% safe at this time.

    Good luck to you both through this journey

    Jenna Lee
  4. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    03 Oct 2018
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    Hi chartippybum,

    I am so glad to hear that you have been smoke free for 7 months. Way to go!  That's really terrific.

    I know that nothing is worse than smoking.  But I have heard that vaping is also not good for you.  There are chemicals in it that are harmful, so it would be a good idea to try to break that habit now as well.

    Nothing is easy, eh?
4 posts, 0 answered