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(How to) Stay on the Bus

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  1. kate r, quit coach
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    16 Jan 2019
    11 Sep 2019
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    Cravings can sometimes get the best of us, but there is a metaphor to help stay on track that people may find useful. It is sometimes referred to as "Passengers on a Bus" and a YouTube video to learn about this metaphor can be found here.

    Staying on the bus can be hard for anything that requires persistence and change, such as quitting smoking. Often we are pulled off the bus by our thoughts and feelings.

    What are your thoughts on the video? Who is driving it and where are you headed? Who is on your bus with you? What road are you travelling?
  2. victorialynn
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    13 Jul 2018
    20 Oct 2019 in reply to kate r, quit coach
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    This video illustrates a clear scenario on how I view smoking. My bus feels like it is  a double-decker transporting through severe snowfall, but now I guide my bus on a well maintained road with less passengers, more safety features and warmth shelter. 
2 posts, 0 answered