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  1. buttingout2014
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    29 Nov 2017
    29 Nov 2017
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    1.  Buy some flowers
    2.  Call a friend
    3.  Climb a tree
    4.  Colour with crayons
    5.  Create your own coffee break
    6.  Do some gentle stretches
    7.  Drive somewhere new
    8.  Eat a meal in silence
    9.  Engage in small acts of kindness
    10.  Examine an everyday object with fresh eyes
    11.  Find a relaxing scent
    12.  Fly a kite
    13.  Forgive someone
    14.  Give thanks
    15.  Go for a run
    16.  Go to a farmer's market
    17.  Go to a park
    18.  Learn something new
    19.  Let go of something
    20.  Let out a sigh
    21.  Light a candle
    22.  Listen to guided relaxation
    23.  Listen to music
    24.  Listen to some music and dance
    25.  Make some music
    26.  Meander around town
    27.  Meditate
    28.  Move twice as slowly
    29.  Notice your body
    30.  Paint on a surface other than paper
    31.  Pet a furry creature
    32.  Read a book
    33.  Read poetry
    34.  Read or watch something funny
    35.  Rest your legs up on a wall
    36.  Sit in nature
    37.  Take a bath
    38.  Take a bike ride
    39.  Take a nap
    40.  Take deep belly breaths
    41.  Turn off all electronics
    42.  View some art
    43.  Visit a body of water
    44.  Visit the Smoker's Helpline website
    45.  Walk outside
    46.  Watch the clouds
    47.  Watch the stars
    48.  Write a letter
    49.  Write a poem
    50.  Write in a journal

    This was an excerpt from a post at the old Smoker's Helpline...
    Hopefully, you'll find some things to be helpful in your quit!

    Your QUIT buddy, Jim.
  2. paul, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    29 Nov 2017 in reply to buttingout2014
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    Thank you for bringing this forward to the new site buttingout2014.

    It's amazing how many things we have time to do when we no longer waste it smoking. It's also eye opening to see how often people struggle with that extra time initially; and so a thread like this is awesome.

    One day at a time.
  3. dawn58
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    04 Dec 2017
    14 Dec 2017 in reply to buttingout2014
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    Good Morning, I'm struggling how to keep my hands busy. I would love to have something in my hand thats my biggest problem. Any help with this I've tried sucking on suckers eating in different rooms where I am not smoking. This action from fingers to mouth movement is driving me crazy. Please help
  4. valerie, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    14 Dec 2017
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    Hello dawn58,

    Knowing yourself best, think of any objects or gadgets that you can keep on you to occupy your hands.
    Here are some suggestions / ideas that might help you come up with a plan and maybe other members will post some of their own suggestions as well.

    - Cut a straw in half: helps with the motion, it can be chewed on or inhale into as well
    - Toothpicks, pen, bottle of water
    - Healthy snakes: like carrots, celeries, or mix nuts

    I hope you are able to try different techniques and find what works best for you.

    Have a nice day,
  5. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    14 Dec 2017
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    Hi valerie
    For me, after lunch or dinner or eat whatever I use to smoke. But I do not have that urge anymore. Instead I Eat Grated Carrot with a spoon of sugar in a Vol is my treat after any meal! is healthy and I eat more vegetables .
  6. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    06 Mar 2019
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    Bumping this -- so many great ideas for healthy, relaxing and fun breaks!
  7. mari_m
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    03 Jan 2019
    29 Mar 2019 in reply to efram, quit coach
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    Efram, thanks for bumping this forward. I have checked it many times when I ran out of ideas on my own. When I thought I had tried everything to keep myself busy, I always find something new on this list. My favourite one is #26. I tried it and it really helped me through a rather trying time! And it seemed like it was so fun not to plan anything, just meander! I would like to add one that has also helped me many times, and that is to think of 3 things to be grateful for. Even if you can't decide which 3 to pick, apparently just thinking about it is a great distraction! And its hard to feel sorry for yourself when you are feeling grateful. Anyone else have any ideas to add to this list? Or do you have any favourite ones?  Would love to hear from you  - m
  8. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    10 Apr 2019
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    Mari_m, you're most welcome! And thanks for adding to the list! Thinking of things for which to be grateful is such a positive distraction. That makes 51!

    Since you asked, I'll share a few more ideas:

    52. Learn or practice new yo-yo tricks
    53. Blow bubbles with a bubble wand

    Who else has ideas to add?

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  9. lisa marie 67
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    08 Mar 2020
    14 Mar 2020 in reply to efram, quit coach
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    I heard on a tv show that if you blow bubbles it is the right amount of air and blowing that strengthen the lungs ,so sometimes because i keep forgetting to buy bubbles i just pretend im doing it to help me get stronger
  10. kattmagg
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    12 Jan 2020
    26 Mar 2020
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    Hello - I’m Katt and I quit on Monday the 23rd using Champix.
    good suggestions for taking a break. Today I am restless and nothing seems to do it for me. 
    It’s the ‘break’ and morning routine that’s difficult for me. 
    how did some of you change your mornings? 
  11. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    27 Mar 2020 in reply to kattmagg
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    Hi Kattmagg

    What works with me in the morning, was to take a shower as soon you wake up, do your staff. That will get your mind and body buzzy for a wile, also to drink a glass of water in the morning give you the energy you need.

    I hope it helps, hang in there! you are doing great! Try to crate ways to keep your mind buzzy in something healthy for you. Be nice with your self!

    You can do it!  
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