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Concerned about weight gain while quitting?

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    29 Nov 2017
    18 Jul 2018
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    Hello Everyone,
    With the nice summer weather we have been having, some of us may be more self-conscious of how we look. Especially if weight gain is a concern when you are trying to quit smoking.

    Here are some tips on not gaining while quitting:

    Eat regularly about every 3-4hours: Skipping meals can result in over-eating later and irritability which may make it harder to resist cravings.

    Choose Healthy snacks: Eating small portions from 2 or 3 different food group.
    Shop smart: Go to the grocery store with a list and when you are not hungry.

    Limiting Alcohol intake: As it is empty in calories and can be a trigger for smoking.

    Stay Active: Will help you burn some calories, feel great and help you deal with stress.
    - Staying active also increases your chance of quitting, decrease your cravings and changes to your mood.

    Alternatives to unhealthy foods
    - Drink water, such on a mint toothpick, fresh fruits or sugar-free candies

    Do things in moderation and do any physical activities that are within your abilities/limits.

    Feel free to share with us your experience on how you may have dealt with this concern as you have been trying to quit or stay quit.

    Wishing you all a nice summer!

1 posts, 0 answered