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Knowing what you know now...

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  1. nadia b, quit coach
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    18 Jan 2019
    21 Aug 2019
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    What do you wish you knew before you started smoking?

  2. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    21 Aug 2019
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    Well, before of that?

     Was about a bunch of years, back then, I had 12 years, I was in Vacation with my Cousin and we made 1 smoke from dry grass, was horrible. Then steal smokes from the parents.....

       I knew that smokes Couse Cancer and many other issues….But then my Parents smoke too. All the Adults did!
     I think, if I knew at that time, 37 years ago, that was that Hard to quit! I probably leave it! or not, because at that age I did not care about it! I wanted it to be Big! Then times goes by, and get bigger and so....
     So, I think ,if I Had the Contention that I need it at that time to choose rights or wrong, now I choose pure Air!

     It was the time, when a Teen grows and try to be part of life!

     Ho! Man, How good point of discussion. 

     My Father knew that I was smoking, and He punish me! That was the worse for me..….In Peace rest!
     One day at the time! Never give up! Move head! Don't look back!

     Have a wonderful Smoke free day!
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  3. elke, quit coach
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    14 Jun 2019
    21 Aug 2019 in reply to brieffree
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    Hi brieffree,
    You brought up a lot of good points. A lot of people start when they are in their teens, a time in between childhood and adulthood. It is a period for teens to try out new things, including smoking. And peer pressure can push someone to engage in activities, they might not have engaged in otherwise.
    Also, smoking was much more common and socially acceptable compared to today. The fact that parents smoked and that cigarettes were around did not help either. Brieffree, you are right, there are many contributing factors, that make it easy to start and the knowledge of the negative effects and punishments are often not enough to deter someone from smoking.
    I am glad, that you did make a different choice later in life, showing that it is never too late to choose to be smoke free.
    Thanks for sharing your journey and encouragements!
3 posts, 0 answered