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Preparing for Triggers

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  1. nadia b, quit coach
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    18 Jan 2019
    31 Mar 2019
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    With the nice weather (hopefully) right around the corner,  some triggers might also start to blossom just like those spring tulips. We have heard many people starting to struggle with stepping outside and enjoying the mild weather. With the cold snowy weather, you had much more of an incentive not going outside...but now a new temptation has come up.

    Just like other things in life, it's always important to have a plan (i.e. if our car breaks down, we usually have a good idea what to do next). While you are in the planning process of your quit, it's good to identify those triggers as early as possible.

    On our website, check out "MY QUIT PLAN" at the top of the welcome screen > PREPARING TO QUIT > WHAT ARE YOUR TRIGGERS (at the very bottom right).

    Go through and fill it out. Start listing those easy ones that may seem like routine (i.e. first thing in the morning, with a coffee, on the drive to work, on your breaks, after doing chores around the house)...then think about 'monthly' events (i.e. summer BBQs, going for drinks with friends, birthday parties, etc.)

    Remember, if you are having trouble, we are always here to support you! Give Smokers' Helpline a call and one of our Quit Coaches would be more than happy to assist.

    -nadia b.
  2. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    31 Mar 2019 in reply to nadia b, quit coach
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    Hey Nadia,

    I have already noticed a lot more smokers out and about, so be prepared everyone.  They may act as a trigger for you.  But just remember.  That is a situation you wanted to get away from.  So do what you need to do to stay strong.  We are all winners!
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