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Winter and weight gain?

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  1. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    08 Jan 2020
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    Hi All,

    As you may have noticed, it's winter! Some challenges to quitting are unique to each season; for many, weight gain tends to top the list of concerns come January. Maybe its to do with holiday meals, feeling bored/stuck at home, and a bit of a hibernation instinct? Along with the usual increased appetite that can come with withdrawals … 

    So, I'm turning to the experts here for your advice! What are your tips on how to minimize weight gain in winter

    Thanks in advance, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say! 

    Warm thoughts,
  2. mari_m
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    03 Jan 2019
    11 Jan 2020
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    Hi Efram,                                                                                                                           some of the things I am trying this winter to slim down is eating more fruits and veggies, less fattening foods, get more active, (the hardest part of that is getting off the couch and getting to the front door). I think if I have what it takes to quit smoking, I should be able to lose a few unwanted pounds. I feel like I have gotten past the hard part, so now I am on to the next step, and that for me is getting in shape! I know it won't happen right away, and Im ok with that. I am just so happy that I kept my quit, as there were many times I came so close to giving up. What a relief..'Not One Puff Ever' is what I have been living by, and for anyone that has recently quit smoking or is planning on quitting, this helpline has been so supportive. I know I could not have got this far without it.                              anyone else struggling with weight gain?  -m
2 posts, 0 answered