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After Half a Year Being Smoke Free -Do I Feel Better

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  1. kit12
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    28 Feb 2020
    15 May
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    Half A Year and 8 days I have not smoked ! Some days go by and really do not think to much about smoking and some days its all I can think of. But the more days under my belt the better- why start the ugly cycle  up - all over again!
    I feel BETTER  that I now "get" that I was killing myself and harming myself when I smoked. I was ok - the fact that I hid my smoking so others would not inhale or smell it- I but I would be able to ?? I get that now. I was harming my self,,, and it was/is a self esteem issue,,,,,Happy half a year to me!  SUCH GRATITUDE TO THIS COMMUNITY- KIt12   
  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    15 May in reply to kit12
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    I am really proud of you for quitting and for how far you've come! 

    You did some hard work to get here and don't forget to do something for yourself. 

    Over the next few months you're going to see a big change as you start to really get used to being a non-smoker. The craving turn into something less, then one day you'll see someone smoking and kind of cringe at the thought. 

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