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Making a new routine

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  1. danica
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    24 Sep 2021
    07 Oct 2021
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    What do non-smokers do with all this extra time!?! 

    Been smoke free for 11 days. I’ve been very bored.. lol
  2. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    08 Oct 2021 in reply to danica
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    It's so true! It is amazing to think how much of a time-taker smoking is. Many people struggle with what to do once they quit, especially if boredom was a trigger to smoke in the first place. 

    Quitting smoking and living the non-smoker's lifestyle may be a great time to take up new hobbies/interests, or pick up old ones that we used to enjoy but no longer had time for.

    You may also want to tap into your reasons for quitting, and incorporate those into your plan. For example, if you quit to be more fit, perhaps physical activity can fill your time. If you quit to save money, are there ways to invest that you never did before?

    Hope this helps,

    Jenna Lee
2 posts, 0 answered