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Post 3 weeks cold Turkey experience any remedies you have for me I’ll try them

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  1. mike o
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    10 Jun 2022
    12 Jun 2022
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    I’m starting my 4th week after stopping smoking.

    I am feeling worse day by day as time goes on.

    Any remedies most welcome. I want to hear them.

    I have zero energy even to cook a meal or wash a plate. Feel like I have flu.

    I feel all I want to do is sleep. Even thinking is exhausting.Two Choices leaves me tired and virtually in tears at the effort.

    I am trying retail therapy, treats new bedding, furniture, nice food  etc nothing is motivating or energising.

    I have never felt so tired. Achy exhaustion.

    I am also so irritable. For me I’m so laid back very noticeable.

    I might try going out for days long drives etc on summer nights. Not sure why just I don’t know try to shake a plus or some forward from their situation.

    I thought of locking down to go to the gym every day to try and jump start life. However I have taken time off work for this the last 3 weeks and ended up just sleeping instead.

    Given in and not forced myself - so I either power it thru throw my every instinct to the wall in order to do this or give in and sleep.

    Force myself. I feel the gym is the last place I want to be 

  2. dublinguy
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    09 Dec 2021
    13 Jun 2022
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    Hi Mike o

    Fist off well done on 3 weeks cold turkey. That's not easy. Its called the curse of the 3's. 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months when people have noted severe anxiety and cravings to smoke again. Just give it some more time and I bet you will start to feel better. Keep reading on here... loads of information and experiences of what people go through. Hang in there.. you are doing great.
  3. aurora
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    08 Mar 2018
    13 Jun 2022
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    Hi Mike O, 

    Way to go, you are hanging in there despite some very trying times. 

    I would suggest consulting with a doctor or medical professional -  quitting can be very hard on the body and mind. it can be exhausting! 

    Here is what was helpful for me:
    -drinking lots of water - flush toxins
    -flower remedy for stress "rescue remedy" in my water every day 
    -NRT - I used lozenges for at least first 3 months, tapering off
    -coming on this website - access support and coaches
    -I got ready for one year! I kept setting a quit date and then not doing it. In the meantime, I did a quit plan, set up support, and just got ready

    My head was in a vise grip for weeks, I had trouble sleeping, was irritable, had wild dreams,  avoided a lot of situations, had to drinking alcohol for awhile, had to avoid going outside to relax, 

    If you are not feeling any better, I encourage you to get support from your doctor or a health professional, to ease some of your suffering. 

3 posts, 0 answered