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So frustrated with myself

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  1. jene
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    21 Mar 2023
    08 Jul 2023
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    I am so frustrated and disappointed with myself. I had made it through ten weeks without smoking and then I fell back into my weekend routine again. The most frustrating part is knowing I am capable of more than this. I've been dealing with so much in my life lately, and I reached for the easiest and oldest thing.

    I've been supporting my elderly parents as they transition in their lives - assisting them with looking for retirement housing, and supporting my older brother who's been struggling greatly with his mental and emotional health. I recognize that it's not even the surface things that crippled me, but everything they triggered - old trauma, old family history, and most of all - being in this new place within myself and my life where I am having to reorient myself as to where I am in all of this...and who I am now, with new roles and changes in my relationships with family.

    I knew when I slipped that I was sinking into the mire again, and now it is so hard to get out. I don't want to say I feel hopeless...but I do. But mostly, I am just very frustrated and disappointed with myself.
  2. karen, quit coach
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    09 Nov 2022
    10 Jul 2023 in reply to jene
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    Hi jene,

    Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things that you will do. Smoking relapses can be distressing and yes, you may feel frustrated and disappointed with yourself, BUT it is important to remember that a relapse is an important part of the quitting process and much more common than you would think. Think of it as learning opportunity and a steppingstone to eventually quitting for good. 

    Focus on the positive. You went ten whole weeks without smoking! That is quite an accomplishment. You have recognized that stress can be a trigger so now you can strategize. What might be some other ways to manage your stress? 

    Build on what you have learned. Remember, you will be stronger next time because you will know what to look for, as many have said here before, never quit quitting. 

    Warm regards,
    Karen, Quit Coach
2 posts, 0 answered